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285-1 Akasaki Cho, Sasebo City

TEL: 0956-56-6664

Residential land formation development design, Civil engineering design, Building design, Mechanical equipment design, Electrical equipment design, Civil engineering work, Construction work, Mechanical equipment construction, Electrical equipment construction

761-1 Hino-cho, Sasebo City, Nagasaki Prefecture

TEL: 0956-28-1511

Water purification system maintenance, Sewage system maintenance, Operation management of Water and Sewer services, Waste (sludge) collection and transportation

1036 Hino-Cho, Sasebo City, Nagasaki Prefecture

TEL: 0956-28-3661

Scaffolding work, Installation of machinery and equipment, Painting

6-8 Katsutomi Cho, Sasebo City

TEL: 0956-24-4230

Planning, design and construction of Exhibitions, Events, Ceremonies, Shinto rituals, Parties, Sound and Lighting

836-4 Shiratake Cho, Sasebo City

TEL: 0956-32-0290

Civil engineering business, Dredging business, Scaffolding / Civil Engineering business, Masonry business, Steel Structure Construction business, Pavement Construction business, Painter business,Waterworks Construction business, Domestic Shipping Industry business (Kyushu District Transport Bureau No. 3668)

31-1 Hariohigashi-Machi, Sasebo City, Nagasaki Prefecture

TEL: 0956-59-8581

Purchase of metal scrap, purchase of construction machinery / truck, Demolition work, Collection and Transportation of industrial waste

109 Hikari-Machi, Sasebo City, Nagasaki Prefecture

TEL: 0956-47-2127

General Construction Work (contracting for complete civil engineering works such as road construction, tunnel construction, and bridge construction; contracting for complete construction works such as schools, government buildings, and buildings)

5-3 Huis Ten Bosch Cho, Sasebo City

TEL: 0956-27-0170

・Huis Ten Bosch Construction, building equipment and infrastructure management
・Sales and Construction of Energy-saving and Hygiene-related products (sterilization equipment, air purifiers, antibacterial coats, etc.)
・Management of electricity and air conditioning equipment, repair work for public facilities, Cleaning of buildings,
・New construction, remodeling and renovation of detached houses and condominiums

6-16 Hizukushi-Cho, Sasebo City, Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan

TEL: 0956-33-5511

Complete construction work (new construction and renovation of condominiums, offices, factories, commercial facilities, hospitals, etc.)
Civil engineering work
Bridge painting work
exterior wall painting work

18-36 Matsukawa-cho, Sasebo City

TEL: 0956-59-5538

General electric construction, Common antenna television system, LAN equipment work, Air Conditioning Installation Services, Various Communication equipment work

700-6 Daito-cho, Sasebo-city, Nagasaki 857-1161, Japan

TEL: 090-1927-5306

Installation/Maintenance of freezing, refrigeration and air conditioning equipment