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8-50 Shiohama-Cho, Sasebo City, Nagasaki Prefecture

TEL: 0956-24-8380

Condominium sales, Detached House sales, Hope repairs, Maintenance, Real estate brokerage/rental, Condominium management, rental housing management

2022-3 Daito Cho, Sasebo City

TEL: 0956-33-0202

Port transportation business, Marine transportation business, Customs clearance business, Warehousing business, Freight vehicle transportation business (area, route), Railway transportation business, Air transportation business, Office relocation work, Export packaging

1007-1 Shiratake Cho, Sasebo City

TEL: 0956-31-0685

Mainly stainless steel processing business, Cutting, bending, welding, and finishing work for thin plates of 3.0 to 0.6. Processing of iron and aluminum.
A wide variety of products: Factory tanks, Frames, Covers, Handrails, Eaves tent skeletons, Decorative displays, Amusement park attractions, Garden displays, Kitchen production, Aluminum trays, Bread rack carts, Table legs at restaurants, and signboards.

1-31 Miura Cho, Sasebo City

TEL: 0956-24-0110

Troubleshooting and installation of locks and doors/ Repair and installation of electric locks and card keys/ Repair and installation of security cameras

Room 101, 30-45 Wakaba Cho, Sasebo City

TEL: 080-6441-1130 / 092-811-2526

Replacement of housing equipment, repair plumbing system, piping replacement

1159-1 Kamimotoyama Cho, Sasebo City

TEL: 0956-41-0542

Scaffolding and excavation work, Demolition work, Machinery and Equipment Installation work, Painting work, Ship Repair work (scaffolding, plumbing, outfitting, waterproofing), General Construction work (general repair / renovation), Facility Management work (air conditioning electrical equipment / weeding)

574-5 Daito-Cho, Sasebo City, Nagasaki Prefecture

TEL: 0956-31-2611

Landscaping, civil engineering, scaffolding and earthwork, general exterior (landscaping, exterior fences, civil engineering)